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PBV Monitor Srl (“PBV”) is an Italian company specialising in the acquisition and dissemination of data for the legal services industry, utilising proprietary market intelligence tools and dedicated search software.

Over the past four years, PBV, trading under the brand of “PBV & Partners”, has assembled and analysed the activity of over 8,600 law firms worldwide and over 100,000 business lawyers in 100 jurisdictions, producing approximately 43,000 articles that have regularly been published on the Global Legal Chronicle (globallegalchronicle.com), a trusted news source for lawyers and businesses, available in English, Italian and French.

PBV processes approximately 12 thousand corporate transactions per year. Relevant information such as details of the law firms, partners, junior lawyers and corporates involved in each transaction and the size of the deal is stored to offer the users of its web platform (pbvmonitor.com) an accurate and informative environment, with tools and preliminary insights, to effectively identify and compare law firms.

PBV addresses the strategic needs of a global market for legal services estimated at $849 billion in 2017 and projected to exceed $1 trillion in 2021. Current competitors, (such as “Legal 500,” and “Chambers,”) cover only a fraction of facilities available and under development by PBV.

PBV is implementing the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) text processing techniques, which will improve significantly the deals entry rate per year, while providing sophisticated search and matching tools for “big data” which has been built over the years by PBV & Partners.

The CEO and Founder of PBV is Ambrogio Visconti, former Arthur Andersen and Deloitte marketing manager, who commented, “We are expecting to launch the extension of our offering, via the new platform, which we have spent five years developing, in the first quarter of 2019. The main focus will be on the sale of premium profiles for lawyers and law firms, the sale of premium accounts to corporates for the market intelligence tools, and the organisation of events and awards.”
Clear Leisure acquired the 10% of PBV in December 2018. The consideration of £278,750, has been settled by the issue of 35,365,389 Clear Leisure new ordinary shares. As part of the investment agreement, Clear Leisure will be granted a seat on the board of PBV and will be appointed as exclusive advisor to PBV regarding the possible sale of PBV from 1 January 2020 for a period of four years will be entitled to a 4% commission fee on the proceeds of any sale.

For further information, visit www.pbvmonitor.com and www.globallegalchronicle.com

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