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GeoSim Systems Ltd is an Israeli company seeking to establish itself as the world leader in building complete and photorealistic 3D virtual cities and in delivering them through the Internet for use in local searches, real estate and city planning, homeland security, tourism and entertainment. Clear Leisure owns 4.53% of GeoSim Systems Ltd.

Currently, GeoSim has management and R&D teams based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where it has fifteen employees. In Vancouver, Canada, it has a team of three people with a further fifteen people in production centers in India and Poland.

Whilst the geo-spatial visualisation solutions offered by Google, Microsoft and others feature satellite photographs, street photographs and more recently coarse 3D-models with limited visual quality and interactivity, GeoSim delivers highly detailed, fully interactive city models, which the user can explore from the land or the air.


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Traded on the London Stock Exchange